Online calculation programs of the Federal Ministry of Finance

The Federal Ministry of Finance provides several online calculators on the subject taxes on its websites.

If there are changes in the land register, property transfer tax usually has to be paid to the state - in such cases, the recently added “Property value calculator” may help you to figure out your minimum basis and lump sum substitute basis for property transfer tax. If you have questions concerning the applied tax rate or tax exemption, please contact our office.

The non-wage labor costs calculator is particularly interesting for entrepreneurs, because it is able to calculate how much the company must earn for being able to get employees.  If you want to determine the minimum hourly wage and minimum salary that applies for your industry, please contact our staff responsible for payroll accounting.

Finally, you will also find advance calculation programs for property transfer tax and a special calculator for agricultural and forestry transfer contracts.

Guaranteed value calculator

On the website of Statistics Austria you will find a “Guaranteed value calculator”, which allows you to quickly calculate the current status of a value-protected amount ("valorization").

The official figures concerning consumer price index ("CPI "), construction costs and basic wage index are also available here.

Thus, you may calculate the current level of one month's rent or whether a threshold value for an increase was reached at all.

Associations and taxes

To avoid unpleasant surprises, officials should get informed about legal framework conditions for associations. You will find the most important topics in the linked article of our local paper BVZ.

The Federal Ministry of Finance provides an information brochure for associations, which may be downloaded on its websites.

There you will find more detailed information relating to

·        foundation
·        topics of corporate income and sales tax, as well as
·        social security.

In this brochure, you will also find model statutes that may serve as a template for the design of your individual statutes.

Speaking of associations and cash register: associations that profit from tax benefits, pursue charitable or ecclesiastical purposes and meet the criteria for tax benefits may get reliefs concerning single record, cash register and documentation duty for fundamental and certain non-fundamental auxiliary operations (small association parties).

If you have any questions concerning your association, feel free to contact RBP!

Remote Support

Do you have a problem with your accounting program or other recordings on your computer? If you are online, we may link our computers and support you! Only if both participants on the phone look at the same screen, we will be able to understand perfectly what is going wrong. No matter whether you are working on Mac, Windows or tablet - just follow this link:

  Remote Support

Digital document management - your entrance in the accounting of the future

A neat document management forms the basis for successful entrepreneurship. Accounting should not be seen as an annoying duty! An improved timeliness of the data may lead to a better control of the company and to identifying trends more quickly.

We offer you a new form of cooperation: instead of using paper documents we work together on the basis of digital documents.

The main advantages:

·        Electronic delivery of documents to your tax adviser saves time and the original documents remain with you
·        You will receive current evaluations such as open position lists
·        The electronic document archive is simple and easily searchable
·        Document storage for 22 years in the RBP data center - this form of storage is permitted in case of tax audit
·        Your incoming invoices allow us to create payment proposals, which may be directly applied in your online banking system (no more typing effort for you, but simple payment release via mouse click)
·        We may take over warnings for you

If you are interested, please contact us for a free consultation!