Our services include advice in all phases of the entrepreneurial existence: from the foundation up to the growth phase and the transfer of the company.

We provide services for a wide variety of special topics including agriculture, forestry, corporate restructuring, reorganization and cross-border personnel.

Registration and maintenance of your current records ("accounting"), preparation of ongoing and annual tax returns (sales tax returns, income tax returns) and payroll accounting are also part of our range of services.

We would be happy to help you in the contemporary design of your in-house processes and the adaptation to legal requirements with respect to record-keeping obligations (keywords “electronic cash register”, “electronic invoicing” and “digital accounting”). The results from our point of view have to be significant savings in the area of the current administrative burden.

Furthermore, we would represent you at the financial authority - in administrative and criminal proceedings. We will notice your interests concerning the social security system and provide expert opinion in the areas of accounting, balancing and tax law.

Also if you are not self-employed, you may contact us for information on tax matters and assistance (keyword: employee tax assessment).