Agriculture and forestry

As a member of the Professional Committee for Tax Law of the Austrian Chamber of Public Accountants and Tax Advisers in the area of taxation in agriculture and forestry, Univ. Lektor Dr. Peter BRAUNER is one of our certified experts.

Mag. Gernot RITTER LL.M. was able to complete his tax consultant training at a law firm specialized in agriculture and forestry and to learn about the practical perspective.

 Therefore, RBP offers comprehensive and competent advice on this special field.

Companies in crisis

Should a company once get into a crisis, it is necessary to keep calm: the exact status quo and the possible options have to be explored quickly. Dept relief and the company´s continued existence are the fundamental objectives of the Austrian Insolvency Code.


Utmost care is required in this area - even the smallest formal errors may evolve to a tax boomerang long after the restructuring process. 

Univ. Lektor Dr. Peter BRAUNER is a proven expert in this special field.

Cross-border staffing

In the case that your own staff is sent abroad or foreigners are employed in Austria, a wealth of regulations is to be observed: the cross-sectional matter affects the labor market, the social security law and the intergovernmental tax law that is different in each state.

Mag. Gernot RITTER LL.M. gained a lot of experience during his work at an international group and may therefore offer you practical solutions.