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Ritter, Brauner & Partner – your personal business support offering the perfect service for accounting, payroll and taxes.

With efficiency and innovation by your side.

Your success is our mission

Thus, we work to contribute to your company´s added value.

Advantage due to years of groundwork

RBP has been processing all performance related data digitally for approximately 10 years. Based on this profound groundwork, any modern machine learning technology may now be used for the data curated by our experts: in our office, we specifically train our AI designs to our client data´s individual needs.

Evidence-based decision-making, momentarily

We will always be realistic and optimistic about the future – based on as current data as possible. Because if one does not believe in the possibility of time travel, the consequence is clearly: shaping the future starts right from the present!

The human element

Even when using cutting-edge technology, well-trained and motivated employees remain essential as personal contacts for our clients. It is necessary to have your data constantly checked by experienced human experts so that the advantages of digital work don´t have a detrimental effect.

Today is yesterdays’ morning

Even the tax office increasingly counts on the statistical evaluation of digitally available data from all kinds of sources: since we do our client work based on any available digital data, our clients do not need to worry about audits by the digital tax office.

Data! …the right way.

In order to increase the benefits of state-of-the-art data processing, the sheer quantity of data is just not enough: it is important to reliably process only relevant data. Thus, “more” is not always better and “alike” can only be compared with “alike”.

As simple as possible, as complicated as necessary

We designed our digital collaboration platform in a way that it will be easy to handle for someone who is not an accountant. Only when it will be necessary for their own benefit, we will confront our clients with the complex and constantly changing legal environment.

Digital & efficient.

Discover the power of automated document analysis.

The new way of document analysis. With maximum efficiency thanks to machine learning. Without any cloud services in the middle of nowhere: your data will remain exclusively in our office.

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Your success, our mission

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