Our services

We offer consulting services throughout your entire entrepreneurship – from founding and growth phase until handing over the operations.

We are also specialized in agriculture and forestry, business restructuring, refounding and cross-border organization of the workforce.

Our services also include the registration and maintenance of your ongoing records (accounting), preparing ongoing and annual tax declarations (periodic VAT returns, income tax returns) and payroll.

We are happy to help you with the contemporary design of your company´s internal processes as well as the adaptation to legal requirements regarding obligations to keep records (keywords electronic cash register, electronic accounting and digital accounting). As a result, the ongoing administrative expense is supposed to be significantly lower.

Furthermore, we will represent you at the tax authority in administrative and criminal proceedings relating to taxes, defend your interests in social security and prepare expert reports in the fields of accounting and tax law.

We also advise not self-employed employees when it comes to tax matters (keyword salaried tax payers).

How to find us

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