The Arctic is melting, or rather: ecology = economy (and vice versa)

A strong economic rationale can enable an ecologically sound approach. When planning our RBP business, we got strongly involved with this topic. Energy consumption means costs for the office, the client and the environment and therefore should be handled efficiently.

However, we do not adhere to ideologies – our ecological “footprint” is hardly perceptible because we are aware that personal freedom ends where it might affect someone else´s freedom.

Knowing about the current situation and foreseeable developments regarding energy and climate, RBP took the following steps in the best interests of their clients:

…more than one third of the operating site´s available land surfaces remained unsealed greens and represent autochthonous fauna and flora

…more as the total energy demand of the year for plant and order processing is generated from local PV systems (highlight: the energy-intensive training of our own AI models is exclusively performed by using our own PV power). RBP is net producer of energy!

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