Special topics

Agriculture and forestry

University lecturer Dr. Peter Brauner is a member of the Scientific Tax Board of the Austrian Chamber of Tax Advisors and as such a proven expert in the field of taxes in agriculture and forestry.

Mag. Gernot Ritter LL.M. completed his tax consultant training in an office specialized in agriculture and forestry and thus has practical experience. Regarding this special fiscal topic, RBP provides full and competent consulting service.

Business in crisis

In case your business should ever enter a state of crisis, it is crucial to stay focused. Status quo and necessary actions need to be figured out quickly. Goal of the Austrian insolvency code is the debt relief and continuation of the business.


In this field great care should be taken – even small formal errors may backfire long after the process of refounding.

University lecturer Dr. Peter Brauner is a proven expert also in this field.

Cross-border organization of the workforce

If you send your own staff abroad or if foreigners come to work here, there are a lot of relevant rules to be followed. This affects labor market law, social security law and the intergovernmental tax law that is different in every country.

Due to his rich experience that he acquired by working at an international corporation, Mag. Gernot Ritter LL.M. will offer you practicable solutions.

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