Starting a business

So you would like to get serious and start your own business?

Knowledge equals advantage!

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For young entrepreneurs, a profound initial consultation is crucial to save time, effort and money. We would be happy to learn about your business idea and support you during the implementation of your goals. Before starting a business, you should be clear about a few decisions:

  1. Is my business idea ready for implementation?
  2. Do I have a business plan?
  3. Will I be able to finance my idea?
  4. In what legal form do I wish to perform my business?
  5. What social security do I wish to choose?

We will be happy to answer your questions regarding the above mentioned topics during a free first counselling talk. We will provide guidelines for any important steps in the course of starting your business.

Please note, that guidelines or checklists cannot replace personal consulting.

Starting a business – never without a tax consultant

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